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Cello and Gamba

May 19 at 7pm
Libby Gardner Hall

May 22   3PM

Park City Eccles Performing Arts Center

RICHARD JONES, Cello and Gamba

Cello and gamba artist Richard Jones received a bachelor’s degree from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, studying with Peter Stumpf, and was awarded the Premier Young Artist Award. A passionate chamber music artist, he received first place in the University of Utah Chamber Music Competition and was a finalist in the Kuttner String Quartet Competition. Although his degree is in modern cello, a large portion of his studies were in the Indiana Early Music Institute, where he studied with Wendy Gillespie, Stanley Ritchie, Dana Marsh, and Nigel North, while performing in various early music groups. He was also accepted into the American Bach Soloists Academy in San Francisco, performing on viola da gamba and baroque cello. Richard spent two years as a missionary in Italy, where he was able to provide music for the dedication of two new chapels in Naples and Malta. He also enjoys rock climbing, working on cars, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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