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39th Season of Utah's Oldest Classical Music Festival

Join us for concerts this summer and year-round.

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About Me.

"The [Beethoven Festival] kicked off its 19th season Monday with a concert at the Park City Community Church that reminded listeners why this festival is so easy to love. As ever, PCCMS features topflight performers playing gems of the chamber music repertoire in a cool, beautiful mountain setting.

The musicians, who come from all over, have the requisite impressive resumes one expects at an international festival. But this is off-season for these performers, when they become a group of friends convened in a gorgeous place to play music they love. The musicians' sense of joy and relaxation transferred immediately to an audience clad in casual summer clothes, creating a uniquely personal aesthetic experience that is hard to find anywhere else."      Celia Baker - Salt Lake Tribune

Recent interview on Park City's Radio Station KPCW. Listen to this interview with Park City Institute's Director Ari Ioannides and Beethoven Festival Director Leslie Harlow talking about upcoming "Chamber Music at the Eccles Center" concerts with KPCW's host Leslie Thatcher.
Hear the recorded interview.

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