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Your Donation Brings Inspiring Classical Music Alive for All

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Music is one of life's greatest treasures

"The Beethoven Festival Park City is one of
the most magical spots on Earth
for chamber music.”

    Glenn Dicterow, Concertmaster, New York Philharmonic


Your Support Creates Classical Music for All


Your contributions help bring classical music alive for the enjoyment of all our residents and visitors year-round, providing inspiring,  vibrant performances in beautiful venues, and outreach programs.
For over 39 years, our Utah community continues to support the Beethoven Festival's mission of "Classical Music for All" in many ways, providing funding, in-kind housing, instruments, rehearsal space, concert venues and volunteer time.

The Festival Annual Fund

The Festival's dynamic, exciting virtuoso solo artists love performing chamber music together, creating programs to thrill longtime classical music fans and newcomers alike. Our favorite classical composers created their most expressive and exciting works for chamber groups that feature individual players on each part.

all-classical Beethoven Festival performs throughout Utah averaging over 30 concerts and outreach events each year. Presented by the Park City Chamber Music Society, the Festival is one of Utah's only series dedicated entirely to performing pure classical music. Your annual donation helps bring the finest artists and feature concerts in the wonderful  variety of inviting venues. 

The number of concerts presented each year depends on the amount of funding the Festival raises. The Festival is efficiently managed with low overhead. 

By managing funding  efficiently, the Festival continues to gather many of the finest classical artists of this era to perform in  a variety of venues each week, repeating those programs in multiple towns and cities.
From free concerts in City Park to Salon Concerts in private homes to performances in senior assisted living facilities, the Festival artists perform the same programs of the highest artistic quality for every audience.


•  Artist Fees for Concerts and Outreach
•  Artist Flights and Transportation
•  Artist Housing 
•  Venue Expenses: Rental, Piano, Insurance


Online donations are through the trusted NetworkforGood service. For your online donation, click the red "Donate Here through Network for Good" button below. If you would like to make your donation on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis, those options are available right on the form. If you prefer to donate directly through PayPal, choose the yellow PayPal button.


Make credit card donation by calling Russell Harlow at 801-671-3461.


Mail your check made payable to:

Park City Chamber Music Society
1420 Meadow Loop Rd
Park City, Utah 84098


For more information, please contact
Festival Director Leslie Harlow by email. or text to 801-671-3549. 


Or Here Through Your Paypal Account

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More Ways
  You Can Add
      Your Support 

Beethoven Society Concert, Home of Sandy and Bill 7-28-122.jpg

Host a Festival Salon Concert

The Beethoven Festival Salon Concerts are favorite events at the festival. Attendees experience the exquisite, intimate virtuoso performances, mingle and savor delights from the most generous buffets - wonderfully unique and memorable.
Salon concerts can be indoors or out, and the Festival staff is experienced at designing the perfect event that features dining and command performances by the Festival artists.

When a Festival Salon Concert is hosted at your home or business, it helps set the stage for encouraging donations to help  support the Festival while also creating a unique and memorable event for your friends.

Be sure and subscribe to the Festival email list for invitations to these favorite events. 
If you would be interested in hosting a Salon Concert in your home, please contact Leslie Harlow by email or by texting to 801-671-3549.

In-Kind Donations of Housing for Artists

Almost 50% of the Beethoven Festival budget is covered by in-kind gifts. Housing for the artists is the Festival's largest expense, next to artist' fees. If you have a space in Park City or very close, preferably with a separate entrance for extra safety during this Covid pandemic, where you can host one of the Festival's excellent performing artists, please contact us.

The Festival can use other tax deductible gifts including donated cars, grand pianos, stringed instruments, recording and video equipment and Apple computers. Any of these will help offset expenses. These gifts make it possible for us to bring more artists to perform and present more concerts. Please contact Leslie Harlow, Festival Director, by email at or text to 801-671-3549 to arrange to donate a much-needed gift. 

Employer Matching Gifts

If your employer or your company participate in Employer Matching Gifts programs and you would like to make a donation that can potentially be matched, please contact us and we will follow up with the company make the appropriate arrangements.

Contact Leslie Harlow by email at or by text at 801-671-3549.

Corporate Sponsor Partnerships

The Beethoven Festival appreciates corporate partnerships. Though the Festival presents concerts for intimate audiences, the Festival's over 100 online concerts and by virtue of being Utah's oldest classical music festival with its base in Park City gives the Beethoven Festival Park City a significant amount of exposure.  Please visit the SUPPORT page on this site.

Donate Stock, Cryptocurrency or Real Estate 

The Park City Chamber Music Society is happy to receive donations of stock, vehicles, cryptocurrency or real property. If you have something in mind, please contact the Festival Director Leslie Harlow by email at or by text at 801-671-3549. 

Volunteer and Enjoy the Concerts

The Festival loves our volunteers. They as essential to the success and enjoyment of the concerts. Volunteers "person" a  number of areas and, for now, all volunteers need to be fully vaccinated against Covid, be willing to wear protective N95 or better face masks at all times while helping at the Festival, and agree to follow the safety protocols required at all times at Festival venues. 

There are many ways that our great volunteers help make the Festival a success:

   •  Provide artist housing, transportation, and hospitality.

   •  Help us unload concert supplies and equipment, help with setup for concerts and help with stage management.
   •  Help sell and take tickets.

​   •  Provide transportation for the artists on occasion. 
   •  Assist with the video cameras and help with taking photos for the Festival.

   •  Assist at fundraising and Salon events.


Estate Planning:
Giving for the Future of Classical Music

Thank you for considering the Park City Chamber Music Society's Beethoven Festival in your estate planning. We understand how important classical music is in the lives of those who have come to love it, and it is the Beethoven Festival's mission to keep classical music alive and available for future generations. 

You can join in this mission by adding the Beethoven Festival to your estate planning. 

charitable trust can be set up to supply an annual amount of funding to the Park City Chamber Music Society. After the number of years you specify in the trust, the assets can revert to your heirs. Be sure and consult with your tax advisor on the benefits of setting up this kind of trust.

You can choose to create a 
bequestnaming the Park City Chamber Music Society in your will, making clear a specified money amount or a percentage of your estate.

There are more options that may give you tax benefits now. You can choose to pass on the ownership of a
life insurance policy that is already fully paid for, or designate the Park City Chamber Music Society as the beneficiary of specific retirement asset plans you may set up. Again, you should consult your financial advisor regarding the benefits to you now and your heirs later. 

Please do let us know if you have made arrangements to include the Park City Chamber Music Society in your estate planning. Thank you for your faith in our organization and its mission. 

Leslie Harlow, Beethoven Festival Founder/Director
Park City Chamber Music Society
501-c-3 non profit corporation
1420 W Meadow Loop Rd
Park City, Utah 84098


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